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Need to Know: A Novel


By: Karen Cleveland

Paperback LBN: pr1276747

Pub Date: January 23, 2018

Please see below for a great review from Laurie Prentice, our Print Selection Specialist and creator of The Baking Bookworm blog!

Need to Know is a page turner that centres on Vivian Miller, a CIA counterintelligence analyst who works to identify Russian sleeper spies living in the US. She soon becomes tangled in an increasingly dangerous plot that threatens not only national security but the lives of her family.

This book will keep you reading into the wee hours with its high energy, tension-filled plot, loaded with twists, culprits and Vivian's increasing paranoia. The author, a former CIA intelligence analyst, brings an authenticity to Vivian's character from a professional standpoint and readers will also find themselves pulled into Vivian’s family life which plays a pivotal role.

While it is a perfect read for fans of political/spy thrillers, this book will also appeal to fans of suspense who enjoy short chapters that entice readers to read ‘just one more chapter’.  Engrossing and well-paced, this impressive debut shows the sophistication and depth of spy agencies and also touches on personal issues of trust, betrayal, loyalty and the depths one will go to protect their own.

Note: The buzz surrounding this book has already caught Hollywood's attention – it has been optioned for a movie starring Charlize Theron.

Laurie Prentice, Print Selection Specialist

Orca Fall 2017

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