Feature Title

Heather, The Totality: A Novel


By Matthew Weiner

Hardcover LBN: pr1277181

Large Print LBN: pr1285695

Pub Date: November 2017

A brilliant noirish satire by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.  Imagine James M. Cain crossed with Tom Perrotta, crystalized into 134 perfect pages. Note that while there has been plenty of advance critical praise, from Booklist, Harper's, Huffington Post and LibraryReads among others, it's a love it or hate it title on Goodreads, where it swings madly between one and five stars. Personally, I don't care if he does anything for TV again, as long as he keeps writing books.  Read it in one brief sitting and decide for yourself.

Ron Stadnik, Print Manager

Orca Fall 2017

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