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The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family

By Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith & the Bake Off Team

Hardcover: pr2737885

Pub Date: Aug 2018

Featuring more than 100 beautifully photographed sweet and savory bakes, with recipes from Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and the series 8 and 9 bakers.

From children's birthdays and charity bake sales to celebrating with a loved one or simply enjoying sweet treat over a cup of tea and a catch-up with a dear friend, Get Baking for Friends & Family is a celebration of all those shared moments: both in the joy of making and in the simple pleasure of indulging in something really delicious.

The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends & Family will encourage and empower amateur bakers of all abilities to have a go at home, taking inspiration from The Great British Bake Off's most ambitious bakes but with simplified recipes and straightforward instructions that will enable even complete beginners to impress their nearest and dearest.

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Them: Why We Hate Each Other - and How to Heal

Full Disclosure by [Daniels, Stormy]

By Ben Sasse

Hardcover: pr2102418
Audio CD: pr2101695

Pub Date: Oct 2018

In Them, bestselling author and U.S. Senator Ben Sasse argues that the problem is far deeper than politics or even any one politician.

Across the nation, local communities are evaporating. The basic framework for everyday life - family, work, neighbourhoods, friends, trust - is collapsing or, in the case of work, being vastly redefined. Sasse offers his own prescription for addressing this challenge, calling for a radical effort to rebuild and remake the institutions that are foundering within communities and a nationwide discussion and understanding of just how monumental this challenge is.

Print Run: 200,000


How Long 'til Black Future Month?: Stories

By N. K. Jemisin

Hardcover: pr2665838

Pub Date: Nov 2018


Three-time Hugo Award winner N. K. Jemisin's first collection of short fiction challenges and enchants with breathtaking stories of destruction, rebirth, and redemption.

Dragons and hateful spirits haunt the flooded streets of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In a parallel universe, a utopian society watches our world, trying to learn from our mistakes. A black mother in the Jim Crow South must save her daughter from a fey offering impossible promises. And in the Hugo award-nominated short story "The City Born Great”, a young street kid fights to give birth to an old metropolis's soul.

The Chef


By James Patterson & Max DiLallo

Hardcover: pr2731808
Large Print: pr2731818
Audio CD: pr2731816

Pub Date: Feb 2019

Police detective by day, celebrity food truck chef by night, now Caleb Rooney has a new title: Most Wanted...

A seasoned detective who's also a master chef makes for a compelling character profile. Mix in the beguiling food mecca of New Orleans and a delicious romance, and this thriller is cooking.

Print Run: 300,000

The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaësia

Full Disclosure by [Daniels, Stormy]

By Christopher Paolini

Hardcover: pr2742279
Audio CD: pr2743565

Pub Date: Dec 2018

Relish the incomparable imagination of Christopher Paolini in this thrilling new collection of stories based in the world of the Inheritance Cycle.

This volume features three original stories set in Alagaësia, interspersed with scenes from Eragon's own unfolding adventure. Included is an excerpt from the memoir of the unforgettable witch and fortune-teller Angela the herbalist... penned by Angela Paolini, the author's younger sister, the inspiration for the character, herself!


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