Batman: White Night by Sean Gordon Murphy

The tables are turned in this standalone Batman story as a cured Joker sets out to “save” Gotham from the masked vigilantes like Batman who seem to do more damage than they prevent while protecting the establishment.  This is an interesting take on the Batman mythos examining the relationship of superheroes to society they are trying to protect.

Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2081358



Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett Krosoczka

Jarrett J. Krosoczka of Lunch Lady and other fame, takes a look at his own troubled childhood in this powerful graphic memoir.  From the outset of Jarrett’s life things were not easy.  His father ran away before he was even born and his mother struggled with addiction and was largely out of his life in rehab and prison. Luckily, young Jarrett had a couple of caring, but opinionated, grandparents who raised him well enough.  Still, life was not normal, not the same as the other kids in school.  Hey Kiddo is the story of a kid learning to understand his families difficulties and ultimately using art to transcend them.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2157141
Paperback pr2157140

Caveboy Dave: Not So Faboo by Aaron Reynolds

Shaman Faboo is missing and on the horizon is a plume of smoke indicating that there may just be another village nearby.  In a panic the villagers of Bleccchh elect young Dave as their new leader and hijinks naturally ensue as Dave and friends try to find Shaman Faboo, see what’s up with that strange village and maybe just deal with the giant man eating bird in the sky.  Caveboy Dave: Not so Faboo is a fun follow up to the original.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2094262
Paperback pr2073626


Petals by Gustavo Borges

During a long winter two foxes, a father and son, try to survive the merciless cold. While gathering wood for his sick father the young fox meets a mysterious bird in a suit and top hat in the forest who helps the young fox and joins the family to ride out the winter. Petals is a touching wordless tale about friendship and selflessness.

Juvenile Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2508648



I Feel Machine by Krent Able, Box Brown, Julian Hanshaw, Erik Svetoft, Shaun Tan & Tillie Walden

Six acclaimed graphic novelists delve into humanity’s relationship with the technology that is evermore becoming present in our everyday lives in this anthology of six graphic tales.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2585249


My Brothers Husband, Vol. 2 by Gengoroh Tagame

Fresh off winning the 2018 Eisner for Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Asia for the first volume, volume 2 concludes Gengoroh Tagame’s touching tale examining the preconceptions and prejudices of gay culture in Japan.  Mike is an affable Canadian coming to Japan to explore the past of his departed husband, Ryoji. Yaichi is Ryoji’s estranged brother raising his daughter Kana on his own who reluctantly welcomes Mike and dutifully takes him in ultimately forcing Yaichi to examine his own role in his brother’s estrangment.

Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2094899


Idle Days by Thomas Desaulniers-Brousseau & Simon Leclerc

Drafted into the Canadian military to fight in WWII and still depressed by his father’s violent death Jerome goes AWOL and seeks refuge with his grandfather in a cabin in the remote part of the countryside.  The cabin has tales of its own however, being the scene of violence and a fire that caused it to be rebuilt, and a strange dread fills the woods.  Rumors of murders and ghosts abound as Jerome seeks to uncover the mystery of the cabin while struggling to come to terms with his father’s death.  Idle Days is a beautifully illustrated and haunting graphic novel.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2036539


Kitten Construction Company by John Patrick Green

All Marmalade wants to do is design and build things, unfortunately she is also a distractingly cute kitten; so cute in fact that nobody takes her seriously, especially the official in charge of building the new mayor’s house.  Along with some fellow construction-oriented, but all too cute, cats she sets out to prove that House Kittens Construction can get the job done. 

Juvenile Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2100930

Estranged by Ethan M. Aldridge

The premise of a child stolen by the fey and replaced with a changeling has been done often enough but finds fresh life in this beautiful graphic novel.  Edmund and the Childe were swapped at birth. Edmund, the changeling, sent above to live the human life he’s only ever known. The Childe taken below to be a curiosity and symbol.  Things are destined to stay the same until an evil sorceress seizes the throne and The Childe must seek out Edmund on a quest to save the world.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2054648
Paperback pr2054650

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