Spy X Family, Vol. 1 by Tatsuya Endo

Super spy Twilight is on a mission... To progress, he needs to infiltrate a prestigious private school and, to get into that private school, he needs a family... in seven days.  Adopting a child doesn’t seem so tough, except that she’s secretly a telepath. Oh, and stumbling into a marriage goes pretty well too, though, secretly his new wife Yor is a deadly assassin. Spy X Family is a high concept action comedy series that well earns its popularity.

YA Graphic Novel Paperback pr5574697

 Witches of Brooklyn, Vol. 2: What the Hex?! by Sophie Escabasse 

Effie’s adventures as a new witch-in-training continue. Not only are her aunts witches, but, there are witches all over New York. Effie just wants to have fun being a witch, but learning magic is hard and her friends at school seem to be getting a little distant. Not to mention, there seems to be a cursed intersection that need to be figured out. The second volume of the Witches of Brooklyn series is a fantastic follow up to the charming first volume.

Juv. Fiction Graphic Novel Hardcover pr6256558 / Paperback pr6256557


Fictional Father by Joe Ollmann

It isn’t easy being the son of a beloved international cartoonist, especially when your father, famous for a touching father and son comic, is rather neglectful to his own family.  Such is the situation Caleb, a largely failed middle aged artist and child of the famous Jimmy Wyatt.  Combining intimate family drama and an interrogation of art and cartooning, Fictional Father is another fantastic book from Joe Ollmann.

Adult Graphic Novel Paperback pr6156393

 Shark Summer by Ira Marcks

Gayle "Blue Streak" Briar sees nothing but a mopey summer ahead of her on Martha’s Vineyard after a disastrous end to the baseball season but when a Hollywood film crew arrives with a mechanical shark and a youth film contest Gayle sees a chance to turn around a bad summer. With some newfound friends Gayle sets out to uncover the island’s own mystery but soon finds out that asking questions isn’t always appreciated.

Juv. Fiction Graphic Novel Hardcover pr6121519 / Paperback pr6121973


 Long Distance by Whitney Gardner

Shy teenager Vega isn’t particularly happy when her parents decide to pack up and leave Portland for Seattle, especially since it means leaving her best friend behind. To help her settle in and make some new friends her parents send Vega off to summer camp. But the summer camp starts off odd and seems to get a little stranger everyday leaving Vega no choice but to team up with her new bunkmates and figure out what is going on.

Juv. Fiction Graphic Novel Hardcover pr6183496 / Paperback pr6182036

Earth Boy by Paul Tobin & Ron Chan

Benson dreams of going to space and becoming a Galactic Ranger, but as an Earther that doesn’t look to be in his future. Amazingly, he gets the chance to go the Ranger academy and join a cadre of strange characters and unusual aliens. Not everybody is keen to see an earth boy succeed however and so Benson must dig deep and prove he belongs.

Juv. Fiction Graphic Novel Paperback pr5916474

 Secrets of Camp Whatever by Chris Grine

Eleven year old Willow isn’t particular happy that her family is moving to a weird old town and definitely not happy that during the process she’s being sent to the weird old summer camp her dad used to go to. However, the very weird summer camp is also quite mysterious as soon enough snack are stolen, campers start going missing and, just maybe, there’s a vampire around. Willow and her new friends must uncover the secrets of Camp Whatever.

Juv. Fiction Graphic Novel Paperback pr5740570


 The Curie Society by Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni, Janet Harvey & Sonia Liao

The Curie Society follows a team of young women recruited by an elite secret society - originally founded by Marie Curie - with the mission of supporting the most brilliant female scientists in the world. The heroines of the Curie Society use their smarts, gumption, and cutting-edge technology to protect the world from rogue scientists with nefarious plans.

YA Fiction Graphic Novel Paperback pr6076873


Fearless by Kenny Porter & Zach Wilcox

Fearless is a touching graphic novel about growing up, accepting change, and finding a way to be happy when you miss your best friend. Kara had hoped to spend her summer with her best friend Alice but when Alice moves to a new home two towns over everything changes, especially when Alice stops answering Kara’s phone calls and letters. So, to reignite the friendship, Kara hatches a place to bike over to Alice’s new town. It’s a big journey and Kara will need to be fearless to make it.

Juv. Fiction Graphic Novel Hardcover pr6185287 / Paperback pr6190370


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