Mega Robo Bros by Neill Cameron

Alex and Freddy are typical brothers: avoiding each other at school, squabbling at home and annoying their parents.  The only difference really is that they are the most powerful robots on Earth.  However, it seems they are not alone as there are other robots with more nefarious intentions. 


Juvenile Paperback Graphic Novel pr1305629



 Invincible Vol. 25: The End of All Things, Part 2 by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker & Ryan Ottley

Kirkman and Walker’s long running superhero saga reaches its epic conclusion. Invincible faces of against his alien relatives to determine the future of the Vitrumite race. Are they galactic conquerors or can they be more?


Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2018017



 Giant Days Vol. 7 by John Allison & Max Sarin

Esther, Susan and Daisy’s fun college adventures continue in the fantastic ongoing series. It’s a new semester full of grocery store protesting, awkward family reunions and possibly even a more awkward MMO wedding.


Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1305793


Pizzeria Kamikaze by Etgar Keret & Asaf Hanuka

When Mordy ended his own life he wasn’t expecting to end up working in a pizzeria in an afterlife purgatory solely for victims of suicide but there he was making pizza and living a un-life pretty much like normal. A bland un-life pretty much going through the motions. Then a chance encounter with his old roommate reveals that his ex-girlfriend is there as well leading Mordy and his buddy Uzi to head on a road trip to find her and possibly discover himself.

 Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr1305796 

Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocke the World by Pénélope Bagieu

Brazen is a graphic biography of daring and spirited women throughout history, some you may have heard of and some that are a delight to learn about.  Penelope Bagieu’s fantastic art brings these graphic vignettes to life and reveals the inspiring stories of some rebel ladies.



Young Adult Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr1305391
Paperback pr1305390  


 Time & Vine by Thomas F. Zahler

Imagine a winery where if you drink the wine you can briefly go back in time to the year the wine was produced. It’s an opportunity to see the past, if only for an hour at a time. That’s the promise of the Aeternum Winery. Megan is a history teacher looking for a brief escape from life’s problem and Jack, the owner, is happy to provide an escape. With a cellar full of wine they explore the winery’s history as well as their own.


 Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1305312


Is This Guy for Real?: The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman by Box Brown

Box Brown (Andre the Giant: Life and Legend) turns his eye on the life of enigmatic comedian Andy Kaufman in this graphic novel biography that reveals the essence of Kaufman by focusing not on his stand-up comedy or role as Latka Gravas on Taxi, but on his foray into professional wrestling including a  “rivalry” with Jerry Lawler. 

 Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1296510



 The Altered History of Willow Sparks by Tata O'Connor

Social outcast Willow Sparks is in a tough spot, relegated to the bottom of the social ladder at school along with her best friend Georgina.  However, a chance discovery of a mystical book with the power to change her life seems like the opportunity to turn her luck around but actions have consequences and the future doesn’t like to be changed.

 Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1306064



  Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1954 by Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Stephen Green, Patric Reynolds & Brian Churilla

With the current time Hellboy inconvenienced with imprisonment in hell Mignola and his cohorts look back in time to chronicle his early escapades with the weird and supernatural.  Contending with UFO building Nazi scientists, monkey ghosts and Chinese mythology 1954 continues the Hellboy tradition of smart, well told tales of the paranormal.

 Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1273081


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