Life is a Marathon: A Memoir of Love and Endurance by Matt Fitzgerald
Sports journalist and author Matt Fitzgerald (Iron War, Racing Weight, How Bad Do You Want It) writes about running eight marathons in eight weeks and the people he meets along the way. What makes this an unusual running book is how Fitzgerald intertwines the story of his wife Nataki, who suffers with a debilitating mental illness (bipolar), and their relationship. This goes well beyond the average overcoming adversity/qualifying and running Boston sort of running memoir. Don't read it looking for nutritional advice or stretching tips: read it if your running practice is really just a part of a more important life practice, and a piece of the endurance we all sometimes require to deal with life's challenges. 

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr2756816

Living High Off the Hog: Over 100 Recipes and Techniques to Cook Pork Perfectly by Michael Olson
This book shines (glistens?) with mostly easy to make recipes for the widely available and cost friendly protein. Smith has been a chef and culinary instructor for over 30 years, and has a gift for explaining cooking techniques in an interesting way. Anecdotes about life with his wife, well known baker Anna Olson, and his journey as a chef, convey a down to earth personality as comforting as the dishes presented.
An approachable, practical book for regular folks feeding themselves or a family seven days a week.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr3423377

Running with Sherman: The Donkey with a Hear of a Hero by Christopher McDougall
A warm, feel good memoir about a rescue donkey and running, from the author of Born to Run.
A light hearted easy read for animal lovers and runners both, peopled with interesting characters from a variety of walks of life. Filled with humor and community, this is a welcome break from the misery memoirs that have dominated bestseller lists for years now.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr4173666

Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha
Steph Cha delivers a subtle and morally complex work of fiction based on the 1991 murder of a 15 year old black girl by a Korean store owner in Los Angeles, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served no jail time.
Most of the events in the novel take place between June and September 2019 and it sadly feels as though Cha is writing narrative non-fiction in real time. Mild spoiler alert: a riot breaking out in September 2019  feels more likely to happen than not. Cha is a quiet writer, so good at her craft that you might not even notice how good at times. An impressive work of fiction that courageously takes on race relations in America today.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr3313018

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