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An Unwanted Guest


By Shari Lapena

Paperback pr2092519
Large Print pr2368159
Audio CD pr2093902

Pub Date: Aug 2018


Please see below for a great review from Laurie Prentice, our Print Selection Specialist and creator of The Baking Bookworm blog!

In her latest book, Lapena takes her readers into a very Agatha Christie-esque situation with a group of characters who find themselves stranded in a remote hotel as the bodies begin to pile up. The story is well-paced and the cast of characters, who each help to tell the story, are quite varied.

This was a refreshing ‘who dunnit’ that has a healthy dose of menace, an intriguing ensemble of characters and a spattering of murder that puts the characters, as well as the reader, on the edge of their seats. While this book gives a hearty nod to Dame Christie, Lapena provides readers with a compelling, multi-layered, old school mystery with her own personal touches.

Laurie Prentice, Print Selection Specialist

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