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The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism


by Katherine Stewart

Paperback: pr4715313

Mar 2020

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Many pundits were surprised when Trump won the 2016 election. He won due to a rising religious right in the US that is highly organized in spite of not having a clearly delineated hierarchical organizational structure. This book reveals the people behind the movement and their reasons for believing as they do. This movement was largely unnoticed by major media outlets. As a result, it is unfamiliar to many people, both inside and outside of the United States. The grassroots supporters of this movement are very passionate about their beliefs and do not change their minds easily. They believe that to disagree with the tenets of this movement is to disobey God.

The book explains the links between the various organizations, think tanks, educational institutions, churches, and religious leaders involved in the movement. It also shows how the Republican party has both been influenced by these people and how it has used them for political gain.

With the 2020 election coming up, and this movement still picking up steam, this book is very timely reading.

 - Sheri Gingrich, Audiobook & Print Cataloguer


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