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Library Bound has been in the business of providing acquisitions, cataloguing and customized processing to Canadian libraries for the last 25 years. Since 1993 LBI has experienced significant and well organized growth year over year. Our customer base has grown to over 120 libraries and systems covering all regions of Canada. We are proud to provide services and support to 27 CULC libraries. In order to maximize the speed and efficiency of our service to our customers nationally we operate two full service facilities (acquisitions, cataloguing and processing) in Waterloo, ON and Vancouver, BC. We are the only Canadian library wholesaler managing two full service operations across the country.

Library Bound works exclusively with public libraries in Canada. We have never diversified from this role and we believe that this focus makes us a frontrunner in the library services community. We are a team of subject matter experts and each material type has an assigned selection specialist. As mentioned, we are focused on delivering excellence in customer service and support and to that end some of our very satisfied long term customers include; Toronto Public Library, Richmond Hill Public Library, Vancouver Island Regional Library, Ottawa Public Library, Saskatoon Public Library, Richmond BC Public Library, Vancouver Public Library, Burlington Public Library, Fraser Valley Regional Library, Brantford Public Library, London Public Library and Owen Sound Public Library to name just a few.

Library Bound is uniquely positioned to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and of the public library community as a whole. We pride ourselves on our innovation. Our commitment to innovation, and innovative products and services, supports improvements in the library. In 1995 LBI was the first supplier in Canada to start and name Automatic Release Programs, and since our inception 25 years ago, we have always offered an extensive selection of AV products and services to complement our print division. We were the first Canadian library wholesaler to offer video games to its clients. In 1998 we developed and named “Smart Barcodes,” a service that helps eliminate the need for numerous labels and reduces the library’s processing costs. The “Smart Barcode” can be applied to all material types. In 2009 we developed and named “Smart Cover” technology. Our “Smart Cover” is developed in the same manner, where all required information is embedded in the colour cover we produce and can be re-produced at no charge, if the library requires a replacement cover. The “Smart Cover” also eliminates the need for numerous labels. The “Smart Cover” technology is available for DVD/Blu-Ray, Console Games and Book on CD materials. This technology has also been developed to deter theft in library collections.

In 2014, Library Bound initiated a major IT project to completely redesign the proprietary software solution we use to order and process material. This project is a significant reinvestment to ensure we can easily adapt to the changing needs of modern Canadian libraries. The first phase of the project roadmap completed in April 2016 replaced the internal software used to receive, catalogue, process, and invoice material. This phase streamlined LBI’s workflow to deliver a higher volume of material in less time, while accommodating novel customizations to suit each library’s unique needs. The second phase of the project which launched on October 2nd, 2017 replaced the acquisitions-related software and deployed a completely new web portal to our customers. By harnessing the latest technologies LBI is aiming to be the most accommodating and responsive partner for Canadian public libraries.

We will continue to introduce innovative products and services to Canadian public libraries in the future. We pride ourselves in being an extension of the libraries technical services unit, and our innovative products and services are a result of working closely with our customers to help to improve efficiencies.

Imagine working with an industry leader where excellence and expertise is our standard. With over 100 years of experience in the material wholesale industry, Library Bound has placed a high value on establishing a workplace culture where people are challenged and treated with trust and respect every day.

We are an opportune employer who seeks to find skilled individuals to join our team. Our customers are our top priority and they are entitled to quality products catalogued and processed to the highest standards, and delivered in a timely fashion. It is our job at Library Bound to meet or exceed all the requirements of our customers. At Library Bound, we recognize that our greatest resource is our associates. It is our goal to promote and maintain a work environment that enables associates to function at their highest level. Our colleagues can expect:

  • To be treated fairly and equally
  • To work in an environment without fear of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, age, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, life-threatening disease, or handicap
  • To be hired, promoted, and compensated on the basis of merit
  • To be valued for their ideas and contributions
  • To work in an environment that encourages teamwork and cooperation.

What’s in it for you?

Our workplace culture has a relaxed but results-driven atmosphere. Our team is intelligent, committed to supporting public libraries and hard working. We offer competitive wages and:

  • Health and dental benefits
  • RRSP matching contributions
  • Performance rewards
  • Flex time or compressed workweeks
  • Sick time benefits
  • Personal time off during the holiday season
  • Progressive vacation allowance
  • Discounts on personal material purchases


There are currently no positions available at this time. We welcome your resume, which we will   keep on file for future openings for up to 6 months.  

Please apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Thank you for your interest in Library Bound.

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Library Bound Inc. provides solutions to Canadian library needs. Specializing in print, video, music, audio books, and multilingual products, Library Bound has the materials to create a collection that your patrons will enjoy.

We also provide the services you need to ensure that all your material is shelf-ready. We offer acquisition, cataloguing, processing, and Automatic Release Programs as part of our complete package of services.

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