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Following the Bestseller lists, Library Bound releases secondary lists called The B-Sides. B-Side titles are identified at the time of Bestseller selection and are considered “the best of the rest.” B-Side lists are especially useful as a selection aid for Librarians and Library staff who would like to see a broader selection of the season’s new releases, without reviewing every catalogue and peer journal.

B-Side Spring 2018 B-Side Spring 2018

B-Side Lists are selected by Ron Stadnik, Print Material Manager, who has over 27 years of experience in public library material selection. Ron is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and has a Journalism Degree from Conestoga College.

Library Bound produces comprehensive Bestseller Lists three times a year in the areas of Adult Fiction & Non-Fiction, Children's & YA Fiction and Non-Fiction, as well as Comic Strips & Graphic Novels for Adults and Children. Lists are released in January, June and October each year.

 Adult Fall 2020    

Library Bound’s Buy Back Program (BBP) presents an innovative approach to leasing services.  The BBP provides Libraries with the opportunity to purchase any quantity of a trade-discounted bestseller book (from LBI produced Bestseller Lists) or any DVD/Blu-ray and LBI will buy back all material at any time. It’s as easy as Buy, Circulate, and Return. LBI can also manage ARPs for leased material.

 Features of the BBP 

  • Unlike other leasing programs, there are no annual or upfront fees. Pay for BBP material when it arrives
  • Return any quantity up to a maximum term of 36 months. Returns are accepted on a quarterly basis
  • Purchase multiple copies to support Book Club selections
  • Keep any or all quantities of BBP material at no additional charge
  • No program tracking challenges — order and return as much as you like
  • LBI will provide a Brief On Order MARC Record at no charge
  • A reduced processing profile is available to save processing costs or LBI will provide full processing costs at the library’s prevailing rate
  • No program deadlines to adhere to. Libraries can participate with any number of titles and for as long as it chooses
  • No contractual agreement and no cancellation guidelines, simply stop ordering BBP material
  • The LBI BBP can coincide with any other conventional leasing programs the Library may be involved in


Please contact Terry Palmer, Director, Sales & Marketing for details on discount and quarterly credit.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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