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Library Bound produces a monthly list of Audiobooks & MP3 to highlight noteworthy and upcoming releases.

BTBH 2018

Audiobook & MP3 lists are curated by Sue Clarke, Multilingual Collection Development Specialist. Sue has been managing ARPs for the selection and purchase of multilingual products for the past 15 years, in more than 30 languages.


Library Bound produces a monthly list of Large Print titles to highlight noteworthy and upcoming releases.

B-Side Spring 2018

Large Print lists are curated by Julia Malott, Print Assistant and Selection Specialist. Julia has an Honours English degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, as well as an Editing and Publishing certificate from Ryerson University.

Bound for DVD is a monthly list of new releases that features the broadest selection of DVD and Blu-ray material, including the latest Hollywood hits, television favourites, Canadian and independent cinema, foreign films, documentaries and instructional titles. In addition to UPC barcodes the list includes icons which indicate the film rating, Canadian content and a highlight of Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh titles.


Bound for DVD monthly selection lists are  produced by Anna Kardas, DVD Coordinator. Anna has 13 years experience with selection and procurement of DVD material in the library services industry. Anna played an instrumental role in introducing the monthly “Bound for DVD” and “Bollywood” lists and continues to select material for those lists with an emphasis on Canadian content and the highest quality releases in each genre. She sources material from hundreds of studios and suppliers, while continuing to add new vendors to LBI’s extensive supply chain.

The Bound for Gaming list is selected by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Manager, Music and Video Games. In 2007, Tracy introduced Video Game services to LBI customers, the first Canadian library wholesaler to provide this service.

 BTBH 2019

We offer the best selection of new and classic video games for libraries including:

  • Nintendo 3DS * Switch * limited Wii-U
  • Sony PS4 * limited PS3
  • Microsoft Xbox One, limited  Xbox 360

 Our services include:

  • Opening Day Collections
  • ARPs available for all platforms and age levels
  • Notification of titles with MATURE content
  • Regular lists of what is new and trending
  • Superior cataloguing and processing services
  • A range of accessories for programs in the library, as well as official games guides

Library Bound celebrates local authors and content regional to the Province of British Columbia by releasing The Best of BC Adult publications and The Best of BC Kid’s publications in the Spring and Fall of each year. 

B-Side Spring 2018 B-Side Spring 2018

The Best of BC lists are selected by Ron Stadnik, Print Material Manager, who has over 27 years of experience in public library material selection. Ron is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and has a Journalism Degree from Conestoga College.


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