Bound for DVD

Bound for DVD is a monthly list of new releases that features the broadest selection of DVD and Blu-ray material, including the latest Hollywood hits, television favourites, Canadian and independent cinema, foreign films, documentaries and instructional titles. In addition to UPC barcodes the list includes icons which indicate the film rating, Canadian content and a highlight of Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh titles.


Bound for DVD monthly selection lists are  produced by Anna Kardas, DVD Coordinator. Anna has 13 years experience with selection and procurement of DVD material in the library services industry. Anna played an instrumental role in introducing the monthly “Bound for DVD” and “Bollywood” lists and continues to select material for those lists with an emphasis on Canadian content and the highest quality releases in each genre. She sources material from hundreds of studios and suppliers, while continuing to add new vendors to LBI’s extensive supply chain.

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