Kids Collection Development

Our Kids Print Collection Development lists are generated throughout the year for libraries wanting additional selection support.  

Library Bound is proud to present LBI KIDS Cares, our newest brand of Kids' Collection Development lists that feature titles advocating for and supporting diversity. At LBI, it is our hope to highlight marginalized communities in order to broadcast a message of love and understanding in lieu of a time where it could be much easier to be fearful of our differences. LBI KIDS Cares lists will put multiculturalism, women’s voices, the LGBTQ community, refugees, indigenous perspectives, diverse families, and more in the spotlight.​ Lists that are part of our LBI KIDS Cares initiative will be identified by the branding and the image of a dove.

Our Kids Collection Development lists are curated by Kate King, Print Assistant and Children’s & YA Collection Development Specialist. Kate has an Honours English Degree as well as a Bachelor of Education from Wilfrid Laurier University. Library Bound’s selection specialists have the ability to provide selection support to deliver one-time lists in a requested subject area for the library.  We routinely provide this service upon request to our customers at no charge to the library.


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