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by Rey Terciero & Bre Indigo

Hardcover: pr6936367
Paperback: pr6936370

Jun 2023

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The realities of queer teen fear and fictions of classic horror blend together in this sweet-but-serious, page-turning romance.

Cade Muñoz, 16-year-old lover of horror, works for a Summer at a ranch with his step-dad. The standoffish owner, an ex-military general, and his approachable son Henry have secrets floating about them that put Cade on edge. As feelings between Cade and Henry escalate, so does the tension Cade feels - about the ranch owners, the secrets they hide, and the mystery of Henry’s dead mother.

I hadn’t read Jane Austin’s Northanger Abbey before – which made this book’s ending all the more potent. I now plan to.

- Harrison Gilhuly| Junior Print Assistant

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