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Guilt, Season 3

DVD: av7657148


This contemporary thriller returns for its third and final outing. Brothers Jake (Jamie Sives, Annika, Game of Thrones) and Max (Mark Bonnar, Shetland, World on Fire) find themselves back in Scotland where the welcome isn't as warm as they'd hoped for. Enemies old and new cause them to seek ever more desperate solutions to their problems.

Father Brown, Season 11

DVD: av7670857

Experience more captivating mysteries with the charming clergyman sleuth in Father Brown: Season 11. Set amongst the picturesque English countryside, follow Father Brown and his friends as they solve a real crime at a crime writing festival, unravel a deadly village rivalry, and prove the innocence of a friend. Enter the world of elegance and intrigue with this season's new mysteries.

Fitting In

DVD: av7750061
This irreverent coming-of-age comedy follows 16-year-old Lindy, who is unexpectedly diagnosed with a reproductive condition. The news upends Lindy's plans to have sex, her views on womanhood and sexuality, and her relationship with her mother. Most importantly, it changes her own relationship with herself.

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