All Fours by Miranda July

An unnamed 45 year old artist sets out to drive cross country from LA to NYC and detours for a reckoning with middle age and the expectations society has for women of a certain age.

This heavily autobiographical novel is erotic, hilarious, and while I cringe a bit to put it this way, brave. July’s work has always been interesting, regardless of the medium she’s worked in, while suffering from what has seemed like affected quirk. Moments of brilliance, without being fully realized. This time she nails it.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr7426813


Somehow: Thoughts on Love by Ann Lamott

Meditations on love in its various forms from the self-help/religious maven of Marin County; a bit like a NorCal version of an AA-going Oprah. Lamott’s books have become somewhat repetitive of late, but that’s OK. We all need reminders.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7375157

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