Run Towards the Danger: Confrontations With a Body of Memory by Sarah Polley

Six compulsively readable essays by the iconic Canadian actor, screenwriter and director.

This is nothing like a celebrity bio, although the essays are all autobiographical and deal with issues like stage fright, sexual abuse, a brain injury and high risk pregnancy. Polley’s writing is incredibly accomplished, clear and exerts a heavy pull – I can’t remember the last time I read a non-fiction book in a single sitting.

It didn’t end there for me, either; my next stop was my local library to grab Polley’s 2012 documentary, Stories We Tell, which was an incredible follow-up to view after the book.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr6428988

My Dirty California by Jason Mosberg

An uneven, off kilter literary thriller by LA based screenwriter and show creator Jason Mosberg.

What starts as a seemingly straightforward revenge story, goes somewhat Alice in the Looking Glass as PA based Jody goes to California to investigate the deaths of his father and older brother. As Jody tries to unravel his brother’s life in the Golden State, the story takes a lot of twists and turns with eccentric characters and events that could be leading towards resolution or just be weird digressions.

While it doesn’t always work, unlike a lot of instantly forgettable suspense/thriller/crime/mystery books, there are characters and questions from this one still with me a month after reading it, and I could easily provide a full synopsis with all the spoilers, if quizzed. Which isn’t usually the case with this genre.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6615551

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