Walking in Two Worlds by Wab Kinew

The protagonist of Walking in Two Worlds is Anishinaabe teen Bagonegiizhigok Holiday, or “Bugz” for short. She lives in a near future world on lands where her people have lived for thousands of years. She has learned to harness the power of their home, in a virtual gaming universe called the Floraverse. There she lives in harmony with nature and has learned to manipulate plants and the elements, befriend animals and create creatures from her people’s myths. Among other things, she deflects bullets with flowers and defeats helicopters with Thunderbirds. In the Floraverse she is renowned and invincible. In the real world, she attends a pow wow and sharply contradicts an outsider who calls her regalia a costume. She demands respect, and when she receives it, she shares her home, traditions, and family, with pride and an open heart. Eventually, she also shares her virtual world secrets.

A couple of sentences cannot adequately describe the awesome beauty and power of this novel’s central metaphor. I hope, however, that these words will pique your interest enough to get to know Bugz yourself. She is peerless in my experience. If readers loved Firekeeper’s Daughter - as I did -  hand them Walking in Two Worlds, and tell them to hang on to their hat!

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