Guyabano Holiday by panpanya

A delightful collection of semi-surreal, self-contained, slice of life comics in a similar line to the author’s previous An Invitation from a Crab.

I was introduced to panpanya by the podcast "Mangasplaining" and immediately ordered both volumes. Each was a delight filled with tales combining dream-logic surrealism and gentle humour. One of the great benefits of the current manga boom is that in addition to the standard fare more offbeat, smaller manga titles are being brought over and translated as well.

Adult Graphic Novel Paperback pr5433819

King Tank Girl
 by Alan Martin & Brett Parson

In a slightly more bombastic, but occasionally just as surreal turn, there is the latest Tank Girl collection.

Tank Girl was one of my early independent comics favs and probably largely responsible for much of my taste in comics over the years so it is always fun to jump back in with a new volume. Featuring a couple of stories in a similar vein to earlier Tank Girl adventures and some great art by Parson, King Tank Girl was a very fun read.

Adult Graphic Novel Paperback pr6503570

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