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The Liar's Girl


By: Catherine Ryan Howard

Hardcover LBN: pr2052875

Pub Date: February 27, 2018

Please see below for a great review from Laurie Prentice, our Print Selection Specialist and creator of The Baking Bookworm blog!

This slow burn psychological thriller follows Alison, a woman whose boyfriend was charged with murdering five women ten years ago. Over the past decade she has desperately tried to leave her past behind but when the bodies of more young women turn up, the Irish police ask for Alison’s help to gain new information from her ex-boyfriend.

 The story flips back and forth between 2007 and current day and follows Alison’s perspective but the inclusion of another character’s point of view adds to the building suspense. Readers will be kept guessing throughout the story but instead of packing in twist after twist, Howard focuses on strong characterizations of her characters, including the secondary characters who each play important roles within the story. Readers will be engaged in their lives but it will be the sinister feel throughout the book that will keep them reading into the wee hours. 

This is a compulsive read that I finished in just over one day. It has a slower build-up but if readers are patient, the tension builds to a nail-biting final scene and the addition of the last twist packs a good punch for a solid finish.

Laurie Prentice, Print Selection Specialist

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