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DVD: av6498774
BLU-RAY: av6498775

DVD: av6438716
BLU-RAY: av6438717

DVD: av6438744

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The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

DVD: av6498774
 BLU-RAY: av6498775

The world's most lethal odd couple - bodyguard Michael Bryce and hit man Darius Kincaid - are back for another life-threatening mission. Still unlicensed and under scrutiny, Bryce is forced into action by Darius's even more volatile wife. Soon, all three are in over their heads when a madman's sinister plot threatens to leave Europe in total chaos.

The Water Man

DVD: av6438716
 BLU-RAY: av6438717

Hoping to save his sick mother, a boy ventures into the remote Wild Horse forest to search for a mythical figure who possesses the secret to immortality.

Rainbow Rangers: Off to Save the World!

DVD: av6438744
Seven girls, each with her own wildly unique personality and powers, live a rainbows ride away in Kaleidoscopia. But whenever there's trouble for the people, animals, or natural wonders of the Earth, the Rangers zoom into action and ride a rainbow across the sky to save the day! Best-friends unite!

A Discovery of Witches, Season 2

DVD: av6486592
 BLU-RAY: av6486593

A Discovery of Witches is a fantasy series based on the similarly-named novel of the `All Souls' trilogy, written by Deborah Harkness. Teresa Palmer portrays Diana Bishop, a historian who discovers a bewitched manuscript in the Bodleian library. As she attempts to unravel the secrets this book holds about magical creatures, she is forced back into the world of magic, full of vampires, daemons, witches and forbidden love. Forming an unlikely alliance, geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont, portrayed by Matthew Goode, helps Diana to attempt to protect the book and solve the riddles within, while at the same time dodging threats from the magical creature world.

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