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DVD: av6187827

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PJ Masks: Wheels of a Hero

DVD: av6187827

Night Ninja tricks Armadylan by telling him a real hero needs a vehicle, so Armadylan steals all of the PJ Masks' vehicles one after the other. What will the PJ Masks do next?Join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on their nighttime missions – into the night to save the day! 

Shimmer & Shine: Magical Mischief

DVD: av6219563

Mischief is bubbling up in 8 spellbinding tales! When Zeta conjures up ways to steal Leah's voice, trap Princess Samira, shrink all of the genies & more, Shimmer & Shine must use teamwork and genie magic to save the day! Plus, see how Zeta & Princess Samira first met!


DVD: av6187640

They are called the highest order of animal on the planet. Primates, with their big brains, are smart and adaptable. They use tools, self-medicate, hunt and swim. They are social and political, form hierarchies and friendships, and can be very mischievous. Get to know the many species of primates, from the familiar chimpanzee and gorilla, to the more obscure species such as the owl monkey, the slender loris, the drill and many more. 

Come Play

DVD: av6219696
BLU-RAY: av6219701 

Parents fight to save their son when a mysterious creature uses his electronic devices to break into our world.

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