The Northern Reach by W. S. Winslow

Maritime grit-lit exploring the intertwined misfortunes of several families in a small Maine town, over the course of a century.

The story jumps around with so many characters in different time periods that chapters begin with timeline and family grids to help you follow along. The landscape is bleak, the people small minded if not outright cruel, idiotic or malevolent, and the story builds as slowly as winter turning to mud season.

To be honest, if I hadn’t started reading this during a lengthy wait at a Lifelabs, I’d have given up on it. Trapped as I was, I read on, and found myself pulled in like one of the capsized characters drowning in the Atlantic; there’s something deep and relentlessly powerful here, if you surrender yourself to it. For readers of Alexi Zentner’s “Lobster Kings,” and those that enjoy slash your wrists literary fiction.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr5916238

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