Vantage Point: A MacNeice Mystery by Scott Thornley

Fourth in the police procedural series set in Hamilton, Ontario, renamed Dundurn here. (Oddly, most street, park and place names are unchanged). Crime Inspector MacNeice is cut from the same cloth as P.D. James’ Adam Dalgliesh; this is a book for those that value setting and character development. The violence is both graphic and extreme, although Thornley has a sort of light touch with it, weaving together PTSD and modern art, set immediately following the last book in the series, Raw Bone.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr2085092


Milk Street Tuesday Nights by Christopher Kimball

Unlike a slew of cookbooks out there that are more than half filler trying to convince you they hold all the keys to perfect health and flavour, Milk Street Tuesday Nights gets to it quick after a one page intro. Organized by a combination of prep times (Fast, Faster, Fastest) and themes (Pizza Night), this is a practical cookbook with ingredients that you can find in most grocery stores that don't call for fancy gadgets, beyond a food processor. The tips are brief ("don't skip the lime wedges") with the logic outlined ("they provide a much needed hit of acidity and freshness"). Dishes come from a wide range of cuisines around the globe. This book totally restored my faith in cookbooks and is my new favourite by a wide margin. It might not have the cachet of a celebrity chef's art book masquerading as a cookbook, but if you want something for the kitchen rather than the coffee table, look no further. 

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr2335242

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