Chefs, Drugs, and Rock and Roll by Andrew Friedman

The evolution of the American restaurant chef through the 1970s & 80s. Told primarily as oral history through the people that lived it, Friedman includes not only the names all foodies know, but stories from line cooks, investors, food writers, and front of house staff. While this is a fast paced read, the title is misleading as Friedman is far more interested in trying to capture the history of something ephemeral (most restaurants don’t last and no one’s food ever does) than telling salacious tales of bad behaviour. Great culinary and cultural history, more for readers of The United States of Arugula and Bill Buford’s Heat than fans of Kitchen Confidential. Author Andrew Friedman, a former copywriter,  has collaborated on more than 20 cookbooks, including Classico e Moderno with Michael White, and is the founder of a chef focused website.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover LBN pr1306368

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