Small History of a Disagreement by Claudio Fuentes / Illustrated by Gabriela Lyon 

Our world is becoming more and more divided with seemingly no nuance to issues – climate change activism vs. climate change denial, oil industry vs. green energy, black lives matter and defund police vs. “law and order”, etc. Kids might find it confusing and worrying. Worse, they might feel helpless.

This empowering picture book for 7 to 12 year olds presents a disagreement at a school - should an ancient tree be cut down to accommodate a new school building? - and how the community engaged to deal with it.

While everyday issues are not always as uncomplicated as the one offered, this simple presentation does make clear the mechanics and steps of confronting disagreements democratically. As Canada’s throne speech is presented, as BC goes into an election, as our U.S. neighbours enter the final months of a presidential election, this book might be useful in talking to children and youth – young and old - about democracy.

Bravo, Greystone Kids! Excellent timing!
Click here for the review from Kirkus Reviews.

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