Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869. Book One by Alex Alice

In a dangerous experiment to find the mysterious element of Aether Claire Dulac flew her hot air balloon to the edge of the stratosphere and never returned leaving her husband and son behind.  Archibald Dulac, a renowned engineer, receives a letter with a clue to his wife’s disappearance: the discovery of her lost logbook.  Drawn by the letter Archibald and Seraphin journey to Bavaria where an ambitious young king dreams of flying the skies in a ship powered by aether.  Castle in the Stars is a gorgeously illustrated fantasy adventure.


Hardcover LBN pr1269818


Jane by Aline McKenna and Ramon K. Perez

A reimagining of the classic novel Jane Eyre set in the present day.  Jane moves from the small fishing village that is her hometown to the big city of New York to pursue her dreams of attending art school. Needing to find a job, Jane becomes the nanny to a young girl named Adele, the daughter of the rich and mysterious Rochester.  Drawn to the brooding Rochester drama naturally ensues.


Hardcover LBN pr1271849



Jimmy Tornado. 1, The Shadow of Steel by Jean-Francois Vachon

Jimmy is a gorilla who happens to be able to talk and was adopted into the Tornado family. Lupe Tornado is Jimmy’s smart but level headed sister.  Together they travel the world to investigate scientific and supernatural mysteries while trying to find their missing father.


Hardcover LBN pr1282532


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