Cassandra Darke by Posy Simmonds

After being convicted of fraud, reclusive art dealer Cassandra Darke doesn’t have much to do except sit around her remaining house, pondering her fate; not that she actual cares that much.  That is, until she stumbles upon a gun left in the basement apartment by her young ex-lodger Nicki. Forced out of her self-applied seclusion, she hits the streets, where she must make the choice between self-sacrifice and running for her life.
Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2771519

Little Bird by Darcy van Poelgeest & Ian Bertram

A brutal theocratic American Empire has conquered Canada in this dystopian science fiction graphic novel.  Little Bird is only a child, but already a deadly warrior, sent on a desperate mission that will help free the northern lands. Things rarely go as planner, however, and Little Bird not only faces the vicious bishop in charge, but also questions her own identity and place  in a world on fire.
Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr4617551

Hinamatsuri, Vol. 1
by Masao Ohtake

Nitta is an ambitious young yakuza looking to make his place in the syndicate.  Hina is the mysterious girl in an egg that falls out of thin air into his apartment. Hina also happens to have formidable telekinetic powers, which she uses to force Nitta into allowing her to live in his apartment. Such is the beginning of a hilarious manga series which quickly involves more yakuza, more mysterious girls with telekinetic powers and some rambunctious classmates as well.

Young Adult Paperback Manga pr5313946

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