Frogcatchers by Jeff Lemire

A man wakes up alone in a strange hotel with no memory of who he is or how he got there.  The doors to the outside are locked as is a single hotel room across the hall and the only other person present is a young boy who begs him to not unlock the room. There must be something behind the door… but what? Frogcatchers is a haunting work but a master graphic storyteller.

Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2699008

Sunny Rolls the Dice by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

The bestselling Sunny series returns. Sunny has made it to middle school and things have gotten turned around.  Her best friend is all about being cool and fitting in but Sunny is more at home playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement. Follow Sunny as she tries to balance the cool and the uncool and find her own path.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Library Binding pr4669340
Paperback pr3859019

Crossover by Kwame Alexander & Dawud Anyabwile

A graphic novel adaptation of the Newberry Medal winning novel by Kwame Alexander. 
Twins Josh and Jordan Bell have always had basketball to bring them together but through a year at middle school they begin to drift apart as Jordan looks outside basketball and complications hit their family life. With great art bringing the story to follow Josh and Jordan as they learn to accept change, responsibility, and loss.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2815290
Paperback pr2815289

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