Idle Days by Thomas Desaulniers-Brousseau & Simon Leclerc

Drafted into the Canadian military to fight in WWII and still depressed by his father’s violent death Jerome goes AWOL and seeks refuge with his grandfather in a cabin in the remote part of the countryside.  The cabin has tales of its own however, being the scene of violence and a fire that caused it to be rebuilt, and a strange dread fills the woods.  Rumors of murders and ghosts abound as Jerome seeks to uncover the mystery of the cabin while struggling to come to terms with his father’s death.  Idle Days is a beautifully illustrated and haunting graphic novel.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2036539


Kitten Construction Company by John Patrick Green

All Marmalade wants to do is design and build things, unfortunately she is also a distractingly cute kitten; so cute in fact that nobody takes her seriously, especially the official in charge of building the new mayor’s house.  Along with some fellow construction-oriented, but all too cute, cats she sets out to prove that House Kittens Construction can get the job done. 

Juvenile Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2100930

Estranged by Ethan M. Aldridge

The premise of a child stolen by the fey and replaced with a changeling has been done often enough but finds fresh life in this beautiful graphic novel.  Edmund and the Childe were swapped at birth. Edmund, the changeling, sent above to live the human life he’s only ever known. The Childe taken below to be a curiosity and symbol.  Things are destined to stay the same until an evil sorceress seizes the throne and The Childe must seek out Edmund on a quest to save the world.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2054648
Paperback pr2054650

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