Royal City. Volume 1, Next of Kin by Jeff Lemire

In a return to the literary and thematic territory of Essex County, Royal City, tells the story of the Pike family. Patrick is a fading writer reluctantly returning to the once-thriving factory town he grew up in and returning to a family including a brother struggling with addiction, an ambitious sister trying to revitalize the town, an overbearing mother and a brow beaten father.  All of them are haunted by different versions of the youngest child of the family, Tommy, who drowned decades before.  The first volume of Royal City is a fantastic beginning to the story of a troubled family.


Paperback LBN pr1282928


The Case of the Missing Men by Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes

Something is amiss in the small east-coast town called Hobtown and The Teen Detective Club is right in the middle of the action.  Normally dealing with the mundanities of missing pets and shed-fires the club is pulled into a greater mystery when teen globe-trotting adventurer Sam Finch arrives in town searching for his missing father.  Hobtown’s secrets come to the fore as the teens stumble into secret societies, weird folk mythology, and small-town murder.


Paperback LBN pr1282926



Rat Queens. Volume 4, High Fantasies by Kurtis J. Wiebe

The Rat Queens are back and ready for more raucous adventures. Following a soft reboot of the series, Violet, Hannah, Dee and Betty are back in Palisade eager for adventure and are now joined by the orc Braga as a new member of the group.  The rent needs to be paid so the monsters need killing and the quests need completing.


Paperback LBN pr1287161


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